In Memory of Dr. Robert Newman

In Memory of Dr. Robert Newman

It saddens us to announce that Dr. Robert Newman, one of the advisors to the Hong Kong Government when the methadone programme was set up in the 1970s, passed away on 1 August 2018.

Dr. Newman's contributions to Hong Kong's methadone programme have served the community well for over four decades, and is a successful example in the region of community-based harm reduction. It was our centre’s greatest honor, together with Open Society Foundations, to have Dr. Newman reflect on the development of the methadone program at the launch of the report,Globally Informed, Locally Responsive: Hong Kong’s Common-Sense Approach to Expanding Methadone Treatment in 2017. In his reflections, he underscored the role methadone has played in Hong Kong's drug treatment approach, providing an essential service to those living with opioid dependance as well as the successful control of HIV and Hepatitis C infection.

He will be remembered deeply. Our condolences to his families and friends.

You may read more about his work from the report on Methadone Program. 

Here is  Obituary on New York Times. 

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