Dr. Cecilia Wing Yin HO

Dr. Cecilia Wing Yin HO

Cecilia Ho received her PhD from the University of Hong Kong. She is an early-career feminist-scholar-activist in Macao and is currently teaching social work in Macao Polytechnic Institute. Prior to joining Macao Polytechnic Institute, Cecilia worked as an outreach social worker in Hong Kong, particularly working with at-risk youths and practicing harm reduction interventions. She has been living in Macao since 2004 and actively participates in promoting social documentary films for human rights and social justice and hopes to integrate social issues with artistic means to let the general public concern about the marginal groups in local community. She collaborated with a team of social work graduates to make three Macao social documentaries including “Left Them Behind”, (related to Injection drug users)《被遺棄的針筒》, “HERstory – Jeritan” (related to domestic migrant workers)《女移工》 and “Let it be” (related to local Chinese Women life stories) 《10到90女流之輩》.

Her research areas concern harm reduction, HIV/AIDS, gender equality, migration and violence against women and children. In recent years, she have joined with local activists to initiate the widespread campaign for demanding to list domestic violence public crime in Macao since 2013. She is a non-official member of Women and Children's affair Commission of Macao SAR Government and also one of the founders of "Macao Domestic Violence Victims Mutual Support Association" and continue the anti-DV work in Macao.

School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Macao Polytechnic Institute
Office no.: (853) 8599 6422
Fax: (853) 2871 9654

Research Area:

  • Social work
  • Drug policy
  • Harm reduction practice in drug fields
  • Youth at risk
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Domestic violence
  • LGBTI+
  • Migration