Dr. Ka Wai Carrie LI

Dr. Ka Wai Carrie LI

Dr. Carrie (Ka Wai) Li is a research fellow in the Faculty of Law at University of Macau. Dr. Li received her PhD in criminal justice from the Michigan State University, USA. Her areas of research include interpersonal violence, juvenile delinquency, and criminological theory. She studies the etiology and risk factors for intimate partner violence across cultural contexts and has recently expanded her research around Chinese society.

Dr. Li is the winner of the 2014 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences graduate student paper award. Her work has been recognized by three Research Scholars Award from the College of Social Science and a Disciplinary Leadership Award from the Council of Graduate Students at the Michigan State University. Dr. Li is also a recipient of two International Peace Scholarship and a Criminal Justice Community Psychology Scholarship. Her recent work has appeared in top journals, including Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Violence Against Women, Victims & Offenders, and Deviant Behavior.

Macau Talent Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Faculty of Law
University of Macau

Research Area:

  • Crime and deviance
  • Gender
  • Culture
  • Intimate partner violence