Dr. Sheilah Elizabeth Hamilton

Dr. Sheilah HAMILTON

I have been a forensic scientist and fire investigator mostly in Hong Kong but also in South Australia between 1968 and 2017. The first 19+ years were with the Hong Kong Government Laboratory (Prosecution) but in 1989 I started "Forensic Focus" (Defence) which continued till 2016. I have lectured extensively at universities in Hong Kong and the UK and written extensively for academic and lay readerships. In the past few years, I've attended several "fire" lectures in Lancashire and also given talks at University of Bournemouth and in Chester at the local branch of U3A ("University of the 3rd Age"). I am currently an external examiner of the annual Fire Investigation course at the University of Edinburgh and I have been a fellow of the Centre for Criminology of HKU for over ten years.

Life Member of ASIS International

Areas of expertise:

  • Post War (WWII) Private Security in Hong Kong
  • Early (19th & 20th Century) Fire Investigation in Hong Kong
  • Forensic Science in Hong Kong