Mr. James DUNNE

Mr. James DUNNE

For over a decade, James has worked in public health roles within government, non-government organisations and universities in Australia, Scotland and Hong Kong, including with the Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League and the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society. James has completed a Master of Human Rights with a dissertation exploring the discourse of hepatitis C policy in Australia and its relationship to human rights and drug criminalisation. He is particularly interested the way health outcomes are shaped by power in society and the way affected communities participate in developing and shape government policy.

James is a former board member of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations and his current role sees him developing and implementing social policy in a local area of Melbourne, Australia.

Social Policy and Planning Officer
Hobsons Bay City Council

Research Area:

  • Illicit drug harm reduction
  • Peer-based responses to blood borne viruses, such as HIV and Hepatitis C
  • Impact of criminalisation and criminal justice responses on health
  • Health, human rights and representations of power in society
  • Societal effects of illicit drug use and service system responses
  • Systems perspectives on evaluation in public health contexts
  • Alcohol and illicit drug policy