Prof. K. C. WONG

Prof. K. C. WONG

Associate Professor Kam C. Wong (Emeritus), J.D., Ph.D., Department of Criminal Justice, Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio. Expert Consultant, Ministry of Public Security, PRC, Hong Kong Police; Research Fellow, Chinese People’s Public Security University, PRC; Honorary Professor, Shenzhen Police College; Honorary Fellow, Center for Criminology, HKU; Research Consultant, Basic Law Institute.

Dr. Wong is a specialist in comparative policing, East vs. West. He has worked as an HKP Inspector, practiced law in the U.S. and taught public law in Hong Kong. He was the Director of Chinese Law Program at Chinese University of Hong Kong and Past President of Asian Association of Police Studies.

Dr. Wong has published over 100 articles and 13 books, in ten countries, which appeared in Columbia Journal of Asian Law; Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy; Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology; British Journal of Criminology; Asian Journal of Criminology; Michigan Journal of Race & Law, among others.

Dr. Wong’s latest books include: Policing in Hong Kong: History and Reform (Boca Raton, Fl.: CRC Press, 2015), Policing in Hong Kong: Research and Practice (London – New York: Palgrave, 2015), Public Order Poling in Hong Kong: The Mongkok Riot (London – New York: Palgrave, November 2017). His current research project is: “Criminalization of Dissents in Hong Kong?: A Case Study of Mongkok Riot Trials” (2020)

Associate Professor
Department of Criminal Justice
Xavier University