Call for Abstract

Dates to remember

Submissions open: 2 March 2019
Submissions close: 18 April 2019
Complete Written papers (2500 to 4000 words) for selected abstracts deadline: 23 August 2019

Submission process: papers, panels, posters

Participants may present only one paper, although they may be a contributing author on more than one.
All submissions are peer reviewed, and decisions will be provided by 30 May 2019.

Paper presentation (15 mins)

To be submitted through the website.
Provide 1 structured abstract of 2500 signs maximum (roughly 350 words).
Papers provide an opportunity to present original research findings related to any of the conference themes or other drug policy topics.
The presentation slots are 15 minutes.
A written version of your paper will need to be provided in advance of the meeting. Expectation is that participants will have read the paper and hence the oral presentation focuses on key findings and then opportunity for discussion.

Panel session (3-4 speakers on the same topic, 1.5 hours)

To be submitted through the website.
Provide 3-4 abstracts (1 per speaker) around a central them, with a chairperson nominated by you, who will coordinate and oversee the panel, including the discussion components of the panel session.
In all your submission, please use structured abstract headings (e.g. introduction, methods, results, discussion) for your 200-400 words abstract. If accepted, your abstract will appear as you have submitted it, in the book of abstracts.

Poster presentation (Interactive Session 1.5 hours)

The poster presentation format is a dedicated slot where presenters could have more time to speak interactively to other meeting participants about their work and gain feedback.
Poster presentations are for those research which involve complex findings and would be better presented in visual form.
Poster presenters will be provided with a space on a display board which will accommodate one poster of A0 size (1189mm x 841mm), of landscape orientation. Two posters will be allocated to each poster board. Posters exceeding the size requirements will not be displayed.

All submissions (papers, panels and posters) are peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee and its members’ scores are used to then select the successful submissions. Those selected to present are required to register for the conference. Participants may present only one paper/panel/poster, although they may be a contributing author on more than one.


The meeting will explore the following themes: 

› Critical theory approaches to drug policy in Asia 

› Death penalty and drug offences 

Diversity in drug policy: accommodating ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, gender and culture

› Drug production and exportation in Asia

Drug treatment and rehabilitation

› Emerging drug markets and subcultures in Asia

› Interrelationships between drug policy and social policy​

› Policies and Practices in dealing with drug users and the affected community

Positive development in several Asian countries

Regional cooperation on drug control in Asia

› Response to methamphetamine use, supply and policy in Asia

Users-involvement in drug policy