Drug Policy, Practice and Society in Asia

Drug Policy, Practice and Society in Asia

The captioned workshop will be held at the Centre for Criminology at the University of Hong Kong from August 26 to 30, 2019.

Apply by June 28, 2019 (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO July 5, 2019!!)

*Fully Funded Scholarships Available*

The workshop will focus on the connections between human rights, public health, and drug policy as well as the gap between these principles and practice in the implementation of drug policies in Asia. The workshop will familiarize participants with the international drug control system, regional trends in drug markets (supply, transit and demand), and comparative case studies of alternative approaches to managing drug use in society as a health and social concern. The course will also look at recent trends in the Americas and Europe with a critical eye, exploring new and emerging challenges in the Asia context. It is hoped that the workshop can provide insights on how participants may adopt measures to bring enforcement activities and domestic law in line with human rights obligations and explore pragmatic approaches that mitigate the adverse health and social consequences of both drug use and overly punitive drug policies.

Course Content:

  • Current drug trends, international drug control system & impacts in Asia-Pacific
  • Human rights and drug control
  • Lessons learned and best practices of drug policy in Asia, Europe and Latin America
  • Public health & harm reduction
  • Drug policy and affected communities
  • Methamphetamines market and use in Asia
  • Site visits in Hong Kong to harm reduction & treatment centers

Who should apply?

  • Government staffs and civil servants working on drug policy and health
  • Individuals from civil society working in public health, human rights, development, journalism, law, public policy, etc. with an interest in drug policy
  • Researchers and junior faculty

While priority is given to those working on drug policy, no prior knowledge of human rights or drug policy is required to apply.

Eligible Countries: Philippines (no other countries are eligible at this time)

All finalists are eligible to receive full scholarship support including travel, accommodation (shared double rooms) & meals. Scholarship funds made available through the support of the Open Society Foundations.

Application Guidelines:

Complete the application form and send to Ms. Leona Li at crimctr@hku.hk along with a curriculum vitae. On the last page of the application, you should provide a personal statement that answers why the workshop is relevant to your current activities and what you expect to get out of the workshop. The program representative will provide confirmation of receiving your application within 3 working days and application results approximately within a month by email.